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WordPress Shortcuts & Tips

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Shortcut Windows Mac
See the full list of all shortcut Shift + Alt +H Ctrl + Option + H
Save changes Ctrl + S Cmd + S
Copy a block Ctrl + Shift +D Cmd + Shift + D
Delete a block Alt + Shift + Z Ctrl + Option + Z
Insert a link Ctrl + K Cmd + K
Copy a block/text Ctrl + C Cmd + C
Paste a block/text Ctrl + V Cmd + V
Move down without line break Shift + Enter Shift + Enter
Switch to Code Editor (Gutenberg) Ctrl + Shift + Alt + M


Other useful WordPress editing tips:

  • To insert images, you can simply drag and drop them from your PC to Gutenberg without using Media Library. Copy and paste works too.
  • To work distraction-free check Gutenberg’s Spotlight and Fullscreen modes (to see these options you need to click the three dots in the top right corner):
Gutenberg Spotlight and Fullscreen modes
  • Document outline function in Gutenberg is quite useful. It shows the number of words, characters, headings, paragraphs and blocks used in the article plus overall document outline.
Document outline in Gutenberg
  • Copying from Google Docs to Gutenberg is a breeze – just copy and paste, and everything will look perfectly neat and clean.

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