From Server to Cloud in 15 Minutes !

Migration of Permissions, Users and Files

Maintain Security & Control

  • Maintain Existing Access Controls

  • Block Ransomware

  • Full Endpoint Encryption

  • Migrate File Shares to the Cloud Keep On-Premise

  • Policy Base Administration

  • Maintain Permission Structure

  • Secure Access to Your Files Anywhere

  • Sharing and Collaboration with Control

  • Easy Document Management

  • Simple Version Controls

Keep Control of File Sharing

  • Replicate Existing Security (NTFS & AD)

  • ADD Version Controls, Reporting, Auditing and More

  • Add Collaboration Features on Existing Files

  • Automatic File Locking

  • Enhance File Server with Remote Access & Collaboration Features

  • Replicate Existing Security to the Cloud

  • Enable Remote Access

  • Easy Access with Native Mapped Drives

  • Send Large Files Through Email with Outlook

Combine File Server Security with Cloud Speed

Easy to Use

  • Familiar windows file server experience like natively mapped drives
  • Access cloud files just like local files in Window
  • Users can "Save As" or "Drag & Drop"
  • On-Demand synchronization and local caching maximizes performance

Secure Control

  • Endpoint encryption protects locally cached data
  • Endpoint backup makes it easy to replace a lost device
  • Active Directory and NTFS Permission inherited
  • Remotely wipe data from compromised devices

Secure Your Data

  • Ransom/malware detection disables infected devices ​
  • Versioning and File change logging
  • Restore files to a certain time and date
  • SSL & AES-256 bit encryption protects data in transit and at rest
  • Auditing and reporting keeps track of the who, what, when and where for all actions and actors