With your business becoming more reliant on IT, Keystone Managed Services are designed with you in mind. At Keystone, we have IT covered for you, with our wide arrange of premium managed services we keep you up and running 24/7. With the onsite and remote support, we ensure any issues are handled promptly and fully to minimize any downtime. From helpdesk support to IT strategy and consulting we cover all aspects of your IT infrastructure. Add in our backup and disaster recovery services and you will feel confident your data is safe and protected.

Managed IT Services

Keystone Managed IT Services for Business provides fast and effective resolution to issues to minimize downtime. You can be sure that IT issues will be dealt with quickly and efficiently by our expert engineers 24/7, 365 days a year with no long term agreement or contract. Our pro-active Managed IT services ensures network availability using the best remote management and monitor tools to proactively detect and remediate infrastructure problems before they can impact business operations.

Pay as you need it

With Keystone “Pay as you need it” support is there when you need it. Perfect for individuals or small business with five or fewer employees, Pay as you need it provides the reassurance of a trained team of professional engineers just a call away. The service is fully flexible and dependent on what you need us to do for you. Pricing can either be a ‘per hour’ or ‘per project’ fee which is agreed to in advance of any work.


Robust monitoring and alerting for all your managed machines. Keystone Management Platform provides proactive monitoring with instant notification of problems or changes. We receive a system alert when critical servers go down, users alter their configuration or a possible security threat occurs. Proactive monitoring of servers, workstations, remote computers, Windows Event Logs and applications is critical to security, network performance and the overall operations of the organization. 

Onsite & Remote Support

At Keystone, we understand the importance of minimizing the downtime of your business. That’s why our around the clock 24/7 support allows Keystone technicians to resolve any IT issues as soon as they are discovered. If an IT issue arises, all you need to do is call Keystone and we can remotely access your IT infrastructure and initiate Remote Support to address the problem. If the issue can’t be fixed remotely, On-Site support is always there when you need it.

Network & Mobile Device Management

In today’s fast pace world of business any amount of downtime is too much, especially with your network. With Keystone 24/7 network monitoring and proactive maintenance, you’ll feel reassured knowing as soon as an issue appears we’re taking care of it. Our priority is to keep your network accessible and secure. With more employees bringing their own devices to work there is an extra layer of security needed to protect your company’s network. With Keystone Mobile Device Management we make sure your network stays safe no matter what device is brought on your network.

Consulting & IT Strategy

We know identifying your IT system needs can be a difficult and costly process, however at Keystone our IT consulting and strategy makes it easy. We concentrate on providing reliable IT infrastructures that are easily maintained, allowing your organization to focus on every day operations. Created to support your current and future IT needs, we work within your budget to install an IT strategy that will fit your organization’s exact needs.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Every business needs a backup plan, especially regarding your IT infrastructure. In the case of a hardware or software failure or a catastrophic situation how quickly could your business recover? At Keystone, our managed backup and disaster recovery plans allows us to restore your data completely and quickly. Whether we utilize a local backup or an off-site cloud storage solution, our disaster recovery service will ensure your data is redundantly backed up allowing your business to get back and up and running as quickly as possible.

Server & PC Management

To ensure a consistent first-rate end-user experience, we at Keystone utilize only premium desktop management solutions simplifying and improving any IT infrastructure. Our trained technicians proactively update and manage all your computers and servers remotely. Every aspect of your network is constantly monitored, meaning issues can be recognized and fixed before they cause any problems. You’ll feel confident knowing your vital data and IT systems are being monitored and protected 24/7 from our dedicated Remote Support Centers.